TE-1000 PUF 9 Operations Manual
Meets US EPA methods TO-4A, TO-9A, and TO-13A.
Samples semi-volatile organic compounds.
Especially designed for sampling airborne particulates and vapor
contamination from pesticide compounds.
Successfully demonstrated to efficiently collect a number of
organochlorine and organophosphate pesticides.
By-pass blower motor design permits continuous sampling for
extended periods at rates to 280 liters per minute.
Proven sampler components housed in an anodized aluminum shelter
for outdoor service.
Samples in accordance with U.S. EPA Method TO-A, Method for the
Determination of Organochlorine Pesticides and Polychlorinated
Biphenyls in Ambient Air using high volume polyurethane foam (PUF)
Calibration Requirements
The TE-1000 PUF Sampler should be calibrated:
Upon installation
After motor maintenance
At least once every three months
After 360 sampling hours
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