Hardware Installation - 14 -
Step 1:
Push the lever closest to the "unlock" marking " "
(below referred as lever A) down and away from
the socket to release it.
Step 4:
Hold the CPU with your thumb and index fingers.
Align the CPU pin one marking (triangle) with the
pin one corner of the CPU socket (or align the CPU
notches with the socket alignment keys) and care-
fully insert the CPU into the socket vertically.
Step 5:
Once the CPU is properly inserted, carefully replace
the load plate. Then secure lever B under its reten-
tion tab. The protective plastic cover may pop off
from the load plate during the process of engaging
the lever. Remove the cover. Save the cover properly
and always replace it when the CPU is not installed.
B. Follow the steps below to correctly install the CPU into the motherboard CPU socket.
Before installing the CPU, make sure to turn off the computer and unplug the power cord
from the power outlet to prevent damage to the CPU.
To protect the socket contacts, do not remove the protective plastic cover unless the CPU is
inserted into the CPU socket. Save the cover properly and replace it if the CPU is removed.
Step 2:
Push the lever closest to the "lock" marking " "
(below referred as lever B) down and away from
the socket. Then lift the lever.
Lever A Lever B
Step 3:
Gently press lever A to allow the load plate
to rise. Open the load plate. (Note: DO NOT
touch the socket contacts after the load plate is
Step 6:
Finally, secure lever A under its retention tab to
complete the installation of the CPU.
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