- 15 - Hardware Installation
1-3-2 Installing the CPU Cooler
Refer to the steps below to correctly install the CPU cooler on the motherboard. (Actual installation process
may differ depending the CPU cooler to be used. Refer to the user's manual for your CPU cooler.)
Please pay more attention when removing the CPU cooler because the thermal grease/tape be-
tween the CPU cooler and CPU may adhere to the CPU. Inadequately removing the CPU cooler
may damage the CPU.
Step 1:
Apply an even and thin layer of thermal grease
on the surface of the installed CPU.
Step 2:
Place the cooler atop the CPU, aligning the four
mounting screws with the mounting holes on
the ILM. (If your cooler has a fan grill which may
cause interference when you tighten the screws,
Step 3:
Use one hand to hold the cooler and the other to
tighten the screws in a diagonal sequence with
a screw driver. Begin tightening a screw with a
few turns and repeat with the screw diagonally
opposite the one you just tightened. Then do the
same to the other pair. Next, fully tighten the four
Step 4:
Finally, attach the power connector of the CPU
cooler to the CPU fan header (CPU_FAN) on the
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