- 47 - BIOS Setup
CPU Information
Socket 0/1 CPU Information
CPU Type/ Signature / Microcode Patch / Max CPU Speed / Min CPU Speed /
Processor Cores / Intel HT Technology / Intel VT-x Technology
Intel HT Technology / Intel VT-x Technology
Displays the support information for the installed processor.
Cache Information
L1 Data Cache / L1 Code Cache / L2 Cache / L3 Cache
CPU Speed / 64-bit
Hyper Threading
The Intel Hyper Threading Technology allows a single processor to execute two or more separate
threads concurrently. When hyper-threading is enabled, multi-threaded software applications can
execute their threads, thereby improving performance.
Options available: Enabled/Disabled. Default setting is Enabled.
Active Processor Cores (Note)
Allows you to determine whether to enable all CPU cores.
Options available: All/1/2/3. Default setting is All.
(Note) This item is present only if you install a CPU that supports this feature. For more information about
Intel CPUs' unique features, please visit Intel's website.
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