- 59 - BIOS Setup
A parity bit can be sent with the data bits to detect some transmission errors.
Even: parity bi is 0 if the num of 1's in the data bits is even.
Odd: parity bit is0if num of 1's the data bits is odd.
Mark: parity bit is always 1. Space: Parity bit is always 0.
Mark and Space Parity do not allow for error detection.
Options available: None/Even/Odd/Mark/Space.
Stop Bits
Stop bits indicate the end of a serial data packet. (A start bit indicates the beginning). The standard
setting is 1 stop bit. Communication with slow devices may require more than 1 stop bit.
Options available: 1/2.
VT-UTF8 Combo Key Support (Note)
Enable/Disable VT-UTF8 Combo Key Support.
Options available: Enabled/Disabled. Default setting is Enabled.
Recorder Mode (Note)
When this mode enabled, only text will be send. This is to capture Terminal data.
Options available: Enabled/Disabled.
Resolution 100x31 (Note)
Enables or disables extended terminal resolution.
Options available: Enabled/Disabled.
Legacy OS Redirection Resolution (Note)
On Legacy OS, the number of Rows and Columns supported redirection.
Options available: 80x24/80X25.
Putty KeyPad (Note)
Select function FunctionKey and KeyPad on Putty.
Options available: VT100/LINUX/XTERMR6/SCO/ESCN/VT400.
Out-of-Bnad Mgmt Port
Microsoft Windows Emerency Management Service (EMS) allows for remote management of a Windows
Server OS through a serial port.
Options available: COM1.
SOL Switch
When enabled, COM1 Switch to AST2300 SOL UART.
When disabled, COM1 Switch to IT8728 SOL UART.
Options available: Enabled/Disabled. Default setting is Disabled.
(Note) The item is only available for COM1.
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