BIOS Setup - 74 -
2-4-1 Secure Boot menu (Optional)
The Secure Boot Menu is applicable when your device is installed the Windows® 8 operatin system.
Secure Boot menu
Platform Mode
Display the System Platform Mode State.
Secure Boot
Display the status of Secure Boot.
Secure Boot Control
Enable/Disable Secure Boot function.
Options available: Enabled/Disabled. Default setting is Enabled.
Secure Boot Mode
Secure Boot requires all the applications that are running during the booting process to be pre-signed
loads and gets to the login screen have not been tampered with.
When set to Standard, it will automatically load the Secure Boot keys form the BIOS databases.
When set to Custom, you can customize the Secure Boot settings and manually load its keys from the
BIOS database.
Options available: Standard/Custom. Default setting is Standard.
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