BIOS Setup - 76 -
2-4-1-2 Key Management
Key Management
This item appears only when the Secure Boot Mode is set to Custom.
Default Key Provisioning
Force the system to Setup Mode. This will clear all Secure Boot Variables such as Platform Key (PK),
Key-exchange Key (KEK), Authorized Signature Database (db), and Forbidden Signaures Database (dbx).
Options available: Enabled/Disabled. Default setting is Disabled.
Install default Secure Boot Keys
Press [Enter] to install default Secure Boot Keys.
Platform Key (PK)
Display the status of Platform Key.
Set PK from File
 
Get PK from File
 
Delete the PK
Press [Enter] to delete the existed PK. Once the PK is deleted, all the system's Secure Boot keys will not
be activated.
Key Exchange Key Database (KEK)
Display the status of Platform Key.
Set new KEK from File
 
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