- 85 - BIOS Setup
2-6-1 CSM16 Parameters
CSM16 Parameters
CSM16 Module Version
Display CSM Module version information.
Gate20 Active
Upon Request: GA20 can be disabled using BIOS services.
Always: Do not allow disabling GA20; this option is useful when any RT code is executed above 1MB.
Options available: Upon Request/Always. Default setting is Upon Request.
Option ROM Messages
Option ROM Messages.
Options available: Force BIOS/Keep Current. Default setting is Force BIOS.
INT19 Endless Retry
Enabled: Allowed headless retry boot
Options available: Enabled/Disabled. Default setting is Disabled.
INT19 Trap Response
BIOS reaction on INT19 trapping by Option ROM
Immediate: execute the trap right away.
Postpone: execute the trap during legacy boot.
Options available: Immediate/Postpone. Default setting is Immediate.
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