FUEL 2100 Installation and Operation ManualNAVMAN
Selecting units of measure
The FUEL 2100 will indicate fuel values in Litres,
Imperial gallons or US gallons. To change the current
setting perform the following steps:
1. Power up the unit while holding down the
Hold down during power up
2. When the unit is on, release the key. The
display will indicate the current display unit with:
Imperial Gallons
US Gallons
3. To select the display unit desired, use the
and keys to change the value.
4. To exit this mode, press and hold both the
and keys simultaneously for one second.
Press and hold to exit
Information will now be indicated in the selected
display unit.
The fuel transducer supplied with the fuel flow meter
will provide readings at better than 5% accuracy.
Individual calibration will increase this level of
accuracy to better than 2% over a fuel flow range of
10.0 to 120 litres per hour. Use the following steps to
calibrate your fuel flow meter:
1. Reset the total log value to zero (see previous
2. Use a known amount of fuel. The larger the
amount the more accurate the calibration will
3. Take note of the actual volume of fuel used and
the fuel used indicated by the total log. If these
two totals are different the instrument may
require calibration.
4. Press and hold the key while applying power
Hold down during power up
5. Release the key. Display will flash current
total log value.
6. Use the or keys to make the display
indicate the actual volume of fuel used.
7. Press both keys simultaneously for 1 sec to
Press and hold for 1 second
The fuel flow meter is now calibrated.
2 Instrument Setup
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