FUEL 2100 Installation and Operation Manual
• Size
Mount 51mm diameter hole
Depth behind face plate 95mm max.
Display 3-character LCD
• Colour
Black with texture on bezel.
• Backlighting
Red coloured diffused lighting for display.
Water Integrity
Front will withstand direct water spray.
• Alarm
Audio and visual alarm indicates remaining fuel
total has dropped below a preset alarm value.
• Flow
2.5 to 160 litres per hour
0.5 to 43 US gallons per hour
0.4 to 36 imperial gallons per hour
• Logs
Logs record fuel used up to 999 display units.
Total Log is saved in memory at power down.
Both Trip Log and Total Log can be reset via the
Fuel Remaining
User enters a fuel value into memory via the key
pad. The quantity of fuel used is automatically
subtracted from this total. This value remains in
memory at power down.
Operating Voltage
8 V DC to 16.5 V DC.
Operating Temperature
0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F).
Current Drain
70 mA max.
RF Interference
<6 dB quieting on any marine radio channel
(with 3 dB gain antenna) within one metre of the
instrument. Complies with CE EMC standards
EN50081-1 and EN50082-1.
Change Value Down
Display is backlit for
Night Operation
Change Value Up
Appendix A - Specifications
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