WIND 3150 Installation and Operation Manual
10 WIND 3150 hardware
10-1 What comes with your WIND 3150
Standard configuration:
WIND 3150 unit with protective cover.
Masthead unit.
30 m (98 ft) Masthead cable.
Masthead cable junction box.
Warranty card.
Mounting template.
This Installation and Operation Manual.
10-2 Other parts required
One or more 3100 series instruments will be
connected to the boat 12 V DC power supply via:
An accessory switch to turn the instruments on
and off.
A fuse. Use a 1 A fuse for between one and five
Optional external beepers or lights can be fitted. The
WIND 3150 output is switched to ground, 30 V DC
and 250 mA maximum. If the beepers and lights
require more than 250 mA, fit a relay.
For systems of several instruments, wiring and
connectors are required (see the NavBus Installation
and Operation Manual).
In order to display true wind speed and angle and
VMG, the WIND 3150 must be connected to an
instrument that outputs boat speed (see section 9).
The WIND 3150 is usually used with the supplied
masthead unit. However, the unit can take readings
from another NAVMAN wind instrument, in which
case the masthead unit does not need to be fitted to
this WIND 3150 (see section 9-1).
10-3 Accessories
These accessories and spare parts are available from your NAVMAN dealer.
NavBus junction box
(see section 9-1)
masthead unit
wind cups
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