WIND 3150 Installation and Operation Manual
2 Operation
2-1 Turn on and off
Turn the unit on and off with the auxiliary power
switch on the boat. The unit does not have its own
power switch. When the unit is turned on, the pointer
rotates once as the unit performs a self-calibration.
When the unit is turned off, any settings you have
made are retained.
If the word SIM flashes on the LCD display then the
unit is in simulate mode (see section 2-5).
2-2 The keys
The unit has four keys, labelled and .
In this manual:
Press means to push the key for less than a
Hold means to hold the key down for the
specified time or until the display changes.
Press one key + another key means to push
both keys together.
2-3 Set backlight for display and keys
You can set the backlight to one of four brightness
levels or off (the key backlight does not turn off). Press
once to display the current backlight level, press
again to change the level:
2-4 Alarm
The WIND 3150 will sound an alarm if the alarm is
turned on and the apparent wind speed exceeds the
alarm value. To turn the alarm on or off and set the
alarm value:
1 Press to display the Wind Speed Alarm
2 To change the alarm value, press or .
3 To turn the alarm on or off, press .
4 Press .
When the alarm sounds, the internal beeper sounds,
the symbol on the display flashes and any external
beepers or lights operate.
Press any key to mute the alarm. The alarm stays
muted until the wind speed drops below the alarm
value. The alarm will sound again if the wind speed
exceeds the alarm value again.
2-5 Simulate mode
Simulate mode allows you to become familiar with
the unit off the water. In Simulate mode, the
WIND 3150 functions normally except that the data
from the masthead unit is ignored and the unit
generates this data internally. The word SIM
flashes on the LCD display.
To turn Simulate mode on or off:
1 Turn the power off.
2 Hold down while you turn the power on.
2-6 How the unit measures wind
speed and angle
The masthead unit has a rotor with three wind cups
which spins as the wind moves past the boat. The
masthead unit measures how fast the wind cups are
spinning to calculate the wind speed.
The masthead unit has a vane which points in
the angle that the wind is coming from. The
masthead unit electronically senses the direction
the vane is pointing.
Wind alarm
speed 50 kts
Alarm is on
level 2
Wind cups
Masthead unit
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