19TRACKER950 CHARTPLOTTER Installation and Operation Manual
The Highway screen displays a chart with your
current position and heading when you are
navigating to a destination:
The destination is automatically positioned
directly ahead, at the top centre of the chart.
The boat position is automatically maintained
in the centre of the chart.
You can see on the chart where you are, where
you are heading, and if you are approaching land
or any dangerous water.
It displays two vertical parallel lines, called
the CDI (Course Deviation Indicator).
The straight line joining the start to the
destination is the ideal course for the boat.
The CDI lines are on either side of the ideal
course. The distance from a CDI line to the
ideal course is called the CDI Scale; set this
to the maximum distance that you would like
the boat to deviate from the ideal course
(see section 9-3).
The CDI lines are like a highway over the
water that you would like the boat to move
along. As the boat moves away from the
ideal course it will appear to move towards
one of the CDI lines.
It displays four user-definable data fields
(see section 9-2). Two fields have large
digits so they can be read from a distance.
Esc key: Go to the Navigation screen.
UndrWay key: Go to the Underway screen.
Menu key: Go to the Menu screen.
Fuel key: Go to the Fuel screen.
5 Highway Screen
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