26 TRACKER950 CHARTPLOTTER Installation and Operation Manual
To use the fuel features, first purchase and install
the optional single or twin engine fuel kit.
If a fuel kit is installed but this fuel screen does not
appear, you must enable it by setting Num Engines
to 1 or 2 and setting up the other fuel data (see
section 9-6).
It displays:
The total fuel used since it was last cleared.
This can be reset to 0 by the Clear Used
command (see section 9-6).
The amount of fuel remaining in the fuel
The fuel consumption. For twin engine
installations, the fuel flow for each engine is
shown separately. This is useful for checking
that both engines are under the same load.
The distance travelled per unit of fuel used.
The TRACKER950 uses GPS speed over
the ground and fuel consumption for this
calculation. The Economy units are set by
the units selected for speed and fuel. Adjust
the throttle and trim for the best economy.
The bigger the number the better the
economy. CAUTION: Fuel economy can
change drastically depending on boat
loading and sea conditions. Always carry
adequate fuel for the journey plus a
sufficient reserve.
The estimated distance that the boat is able
to travel before running out of fuel using
Economy and Remaining (see above).
CAUTION: Range is an estimate only and
should be used as an indication only. Always
carry adequate fuel for the journey plus a
sufficient reserve.
Esc key: Go to the Position screen.
Menu key: Go to the Menu screen.
UndrWay key: Go to the Underway screen.
Highway key: Go to the Highway screen.
Nav key: Go to the Navigation screen.
Sat key: Go to the Satellite status screen.
7 Fuel screen
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