28 TRACKER950 CHARTPLOTTER Installation and Operation Manual
The TRACKER950 has a number of advanced
navigation features which are set up through this
menu. We recommend that you become totally
familiar with the operation of the unit using the
default settings before making any changes to the
data in these menus.
To display the Menu, display the Position, Highway
or Fuel screen and press the Menu key.
Using the Menus
A menu is a list of items. To select an item in a
menu, press the CursorUp or CursorDown key to
highlight the item, then press the CursorRight key:
If the item is another menu then the menu
will be displayed. Select a further item.
If the item is a piece of data then a small
window will appear, displaying the data. Use
the cursor keys to change the data, then
press Enter. Press Esc to leave the data
The first item in the first menu is Satellite. Select
this to display the Satellite Status screen. The other
menus are described in the following sections.
9 Menu screen
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