31TRACKER950 CHARTPLOTTER Installation and Operation Manual
Anchor Alarm
When the Anchor Alarm is enabled it gives an
alarm when the boat moves by more than the
Anchor Alarm distance.
To enable the alarm, enter an Anchor Alarm
distance (up to 9.99 distance units). The
TRACKER950 saves the current boat
To disable the alarm, set the Anchor Alarm
value to OFF.
The accuracy of the alarm is determined by the
accuracy of the positioning system: typically within
10 m for GPS and 2 to 5 m for DGPS.
XTE Alarm
When the XTE Alarm is enabled it gives an alarm
when the boat is navigating to a point and the
distance from the boat to the original plotted course
(XTE) is more than CDI (Course Deviation
Indicator) value.
To enable the alarm, set the XTE Alarm
value to ON.
To disable the alarm, set the XTE Alarm
value to OFF.
Low Fuel Alarm
When the Low Fuel alarm is enabled it gives an
alarm when the fuel remaining in the tank is less
than the Low Fuel value.
To enable the alarm, enter a Low Fuel value.
To disable the alarm, set the Low Fuel value
to OFF.
The Map Configuration screen provides access to
menus allowing you to enable or disable an
extensive range of chart features. You can
configure a display format that best suit your needs.
Some important points to note are:
Plotter Mode
Occasionally it is desirable to zoom in to a scale
smaller than the available chart resolution.
Examples of this are if you wish to track very small
movements of the boat or if you do not have a C-
MAP™ chart for an area.
If you turn Plotter Mode ON, then when you zoom
in beyond the chart limits the TRACKER950 will
enter track plot mode and will only display the boat
position and track (if enabled). Chart and map
information will no longer be displayed and the
display is white with black crosshatch lines.
For normal use, turn Plotter mode OFF.
Bathometric Lines and soundings
C-MAP™ cartridges contain a large amount of spot
sounding and depth contour data. This can be
selectively displayed by turning Bathometric Lines
and Spot Soundings off or on, then selecting the
ranges to display with Depth Area Limits and
Bathometrics & Soundings Range.
9-4 Map Configuration
Attention Areas
Areas of importance, such as restricted
anchorages and shallow areas, are highlighted as
Attention Areas. Three options are available for
displaying Attention Areas:
ON displays attention areas as a dot pattern
and displays information (!) icons.
Contour does not display attention areas,
only the information (!) icons.
OFF does not display the attention areas or
the information (!) icons.
a Detailed Attention Area information is only
available in the Underway screen.
b In some earlier C-MAP™ cartridges the
information (!) icons are inactive.
To turn off a TRACKER950 alarm,
press the Esc key
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