33TRACKER950 CHARTPLOTTER Installation and Operation Manual
Flow Filter
Sets the period over which the fuel flow is
averaged. Averaging can be set from 1 to 180
Normally engines do not draw fuel from the tank
at a steady rate. They draw fuel at a high rate for a
few seconds until the carburettor bowl or fuel
injection reservoir is full, then draw no fuel for a
few seconds. If the true flow rate were displayed,
it would be too erratic to read.
Usually a value of 10-15 seconds will give a
Simulation mode is a way of becoming familiar with
the TRACKER950 functions. Boat movement and
satellite data are simulated. The real boat does
not move.
Activate simulation
Enter On to turn simulation mode on, enter Off to
turn it off.
Warning: Never turn Simulation mode on when
you want to use the TRACKER950 to navigate
on the water.
The simulated boat speed to use.
There are two choices for Mode:
Normal mode
Simulates the boat moving between two
waypoints at a given speed. The other
options are:
Heading: The bearing for the boat to
follow. You can calculate this from the
distance and bearing calculator (see
section 6-3).
9-7 Simulation Mode
Starting waypoint: The start waypoint
for the simulation.
Destination waypoint: The end
waypoint for the simulation.
As the boat moves, you can vary Heading to
simulate the boat moving off course.
Demo mode
Simulates the boat moving along a route at a
given speed. When it reaches one end it
retraces the route in the other direction.
Before setting this mode you must enter a
route (see section 6-2). The other option is:
Route: The route to follow.
satisfactory result for carburettor engines. Fuel
injected engines may require a larger value.
This setting affects the flow rate and Economy
displays. It does not affect the fuel used
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