34 TRACKER950 CHARTPLOTTER Installation and Operation Manual
10 Installation
10-1 What comes with the TRACKER950
Standard configuration
TRACKER950 display unit, with protective
cover for the C-MAP™ slot.
Mounting Bracket, 2 mounting knobs and 2
rubber washers.
Dust cover for display unit.
Correct installation is critical to the performance
of the unit. There are two components to install,
the TRACKER950 and a GPS or DGPS antenna.
In addition, you can install an optional fuel kit in
order to use the unit as a fuel computer.
The TRACKER950 can:
drive external beepers to repeat the
TRACKER950 internal beeper; use this to
sound alarms through the boat
have external MOB switches
send NMEA data to an autopilot, radar or
similar device
accept and display NMEA data from a depth
The TRACKER950 can be wired for Auto Power
so that it automatically turns on and off with the
boat power and you can not turn it on or off
manually. Wire Auto Power if you install the fuel
option, so that the TRACKER950 records all the
fuel that is used, or for convenience (see section
It is vital to read the entire installation section of
this manual and the documentation that comes
with your antenna and any other units before
starting installation.
10-2 Options and accessories
a C-MAP™ electronic charts cartridges for
regions where you will be navigating.
b For DGPS positioning:
NAVMAN DGPS-1 DGPS antenna (this
replaces the standard NAVMAN 1220
GPS antenna).
Or a compatible differential receiver from
another manufacturer.
c Fuel kit for single or twin petrol engines.
Single-engine kit:
Fuel transducer with 8 m of cable to
connect to the TRACKER950.
Twin-engine kit:
Two fuel transducers, each with 8 m of
Y-cable to connect the transducers to the
T junction connector.
If you install a fuel kit, you should wire Auto
Power on so that the TRACKER950 is on all
the time the engine is on and no fuel
consumption is missed (see section 10-3).
d Depth sounder with transducer and NMEA
e One or more external MOB switches:
momentary push-to-make switches which
are suitably waterproof and rugged.
f One or more external beepers with built-in
drivers. The TRACKER950 output is 12 V
DC, 250 mA maximum.
g PC Interface Kit
Power/NMEA cable.
NAVMAN 1220 GPS antenna with 10 m of
cable and its own Installation and Operation
This Installation and Operation manual.
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