41TRACKER950 CHARTPLOTTER Installation and Operation Manual
Appendix D - Conditions of Sale & Warranty
IMPORTANT: Some of the following terms and conditions vary from country to country. Please check
with your NAVMAN dealer from whom you purchased your product.
A. Conditions of Sale
Except to the extent otherwise required by the laws
of the country in which the accompanying product
(“the product”) is sold the manufacturer of the
product Talon Research & Development Co.
Limited (“Talon Technology”) - has no liability in
respect of the product beyond the warranty
hereunder provided. Where liability may not be
excluded but may be limited to repair or
replacement or the supply of equivalent goods or
for the payment of the cost of replacing the goods
or of acquiring equivalent goods, liability is so
B. Manufacturers warranty
Warranty Period - 1 year from the date of purchase.
Extent of warranty - Subject to the following
conditions Talon Technology will rectify any defect
occurring in the product of which notice in writing
is received by Talon Technology or its approved
distributor within the Warranty Period.
1) Repairs may only be carried out by a Service
Centre approved by Talon Technology.
2) Repairs as above will be carried out at no
cost to the owner subject to these conditions.
3) The cost of returning the goods to an
approved dealer shall be met by the owner.
4) Warranty does not extend to accessories or
defects or injuries caused or resulting from
causes not attributable to faulty parts or the
manufacturer of the product including, but
not limited to, defect or injuries caused by or
resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect,
accidental damage, incorrect installation,
water damage, use of consumables other
than those approved by Talon Technology or
any alterations to the product not approved
by Talon Technology.
5) No warranty claim accepted without sales
6) Talon Technology may, at its discretion,
replace the product instead of repairing it.
C. Acceptance of Conditions of
In consideration of this warranty the purchaser
accepts the limitations of liability as set out in the
conditions of sale.
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