7TRACKER950 CHARTPLOTTER Installation and Operation Manual
1-2 C-MAP™ chart cartridges
A C-MAP™ electronic chart cartridge has chart
details required for navigating in a particular region.
When you plug the cartridge in, the extra details
are automatically superimposed on the
TRACKER950’s built-in chart of the world. The
cartridge plugs into a slot in the upper, left side of
the display unit.
When you insert or remove a cartridge it does not
matter if the TRACKER950 is turned on or off.
To insert a cartridge
1 Remove the protective cover from the C-MAP™
2 Take the C-MAP cartridge out of its case.
Keep the case.
3 Hold the cartridge up to the slot with the
label facing you and the edge with the gold
contacts (on the back of the cartridge) facing
the slot.
4 Carefully push the cartridge fully into the slot.
It is shaped to prevent you from putting the
cartridge in the wrong way.
5 Replace the protective cover over the
To remove a cartridge
1 Remove the protective cover from the C-MAP™
2 Pull the cartridge out and put it back in its
3 Replace the protective cover over the slot.
1-3 Removing and replacing the unit
You can easily remove and replace the display
unit for security or protection.
To remove the display unit
1 Clip the dust cover over the display unit.
Loosen the knobs at each end of the unit.
2 The unit has some cables plugged into the
back. Unplug each by turning the end of the
plug a quarter of a turn anticlockwise and
pulling the plug out.
3 Lift the unit off its cradle and store it in a safe
4 Tie a waterproof cover, such as a plastic
bag, over the plugs on the cables. It is
important to keep the plugs dry.
To replace the display unit
1 Sit the unit in its cradle with the rubber
washers between the bracket and the
display unit case.
2 Plug the cables into their sockets on the
back of the unit:
match the colour on the end of the plug
to the colour of the nut on the socket
hold the plug against the socket and
rotate the plug until it slides easily into
the socket
lock the plug in place by pushing the end
of the plug towards the socket and
turning it a quarter turn clockwise
If you plug a cable into the wrong
TRACKER950 socket by mistake, nothing will
be damaged.
3 Adjust the angle of the display to be easily
seen and tighten the knobs on each end of
the unit. Unclip the dust cover.
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