11TRACKER950 CHARTPLOTTER Installation and Operation Manual
2-4 Turning on and off / Auto Power
Auto Power
If the TRACKER950 is wired for Auto Power (see
section 10-3), then the TRACKER950
automatically turns on and off with the boat power;
you can not turn the TRACKER950 on or off
To turn the unit on manually
1 Hold the Esc key down until it beeps, then
release the key. It displays a title screen for a
few seconds, then beeps again and displays
a navigation warning.
2 If you can not read the display then the
screen backlight may be set too low. Press
the BackLt key (the softkey furthermost to
the right) to turn the backlight on full (see
section 9-1).
If the display is in the wrong language, select
the right language (see section 9-1).
Read the warning and press the Confirm
3 It displays the Satellite Status screen. Wait
for the GPS or DGPS receiver to start up,
which should take less than three minutes.
4 It is then ready to use. It displays the
Underway screen, the first of the main
screens (see section 2-6).
To turn the unit off manually
Hold down the Esc key. The unit beeps and
displays a countdown window. Continue to hold
down the Esc key until the unit turns off.
2-3 Alarms
When the TRACKER950 detects a condition
outside the alarm parameters, it gives an alarm. It
beeps continually and displays a warning message
in a window.
To clear the alarm, press the Esc key.
The MOB feature saves the boat’s position and
then navigates back to this point. To do this:
1 Either:
hold down the two softkeys labelled MOB
at the same time for about a second
or press an external MOB button for
about a second (if one is installed)
It beeps 4 times and boat’s position is stored
as the waypoint ‘MOB’.
2 The display changes to the Underway
screen, with a scale of 0.1 miles, with the
MOB waypoint situated in the centre of the
screen. It goes to plotter mode, with a white
screen with crosshatching, rather than
displaying a chart (see section 9-4).
2-5 Man overboard (MOB)
3 If the NMEA output is on, you are asked: “Is
Autopilot Active?” This gives you the
opportunity to disengage the autopilot now
before going to the MOB waypoint.
Then press the Yes or No key.
Warning: If the autopilot is active and you
press the Yes key then this might result in
a sudden and dangerous turn.
4 Navigate back to the place where MOB was
To clear MOB.
1 Press the two MOB keys again.
2 A window appears asking if you want to
cancel the MOB. Press Yes.
The following alarms can be enabled or disabled:
Arrival Radius, Anchor Alarm, XTE Alarm and Low
Fuel (see section 9-3).
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