F1 5 / F2 5 | How do I get start ed?
5. Read the warning message
a) The Safety Agreement screen will display after you have selected your preferred language.
Read the Safety Agreement message.
b) To confirm that you have read and understood the message, tap Accept.
The Tutorial will display.
6. View the Tutorial
When you have accepted the Safety Agreement, the first Tutorial screen will display.
To prevent the Tutorial from displaying again on start-up, clear the Show on start-up check box.
To move forward through the Tutorial screens, tap .
To view the previous screen, tap .
To view the Tutorial again while using your Navman, see "Tutorial" on page 64.
When you have finished the Tutorial, the 3D Map screen will display. If you have a GPS fix, your current location will
be displayed on the map.
How do I adjust the volume?
The volume on your Navman can be adjusted by the volume control on the Volume preference screen.
To mute the volume from the map screens, tap and then tap .
To adjust the volume, tap and hold to display the Volume preference screen.
For more information on how to adjust the volume on your Navman, see “Volume” on page 54.
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