F1 5 / F2 5 | What are the m ain scr eens I will use?
What are the main screens I will use?
Main Menu screen
The Main Menu screen is your starting point for searching for a destination and allows you to customize preferences.
The Main Menu can be accessed from the map screens by tapping or by tapping the status bar at the bottom
of any screen.
Map screens
There are four map screens used to view the route to your destination:
3D Map
2D Map
Route Overview
Turn by Turn™
The Map screens can be accessed from the Main Menu screen by tapping .
You can cycle through the different map screens by pressing on any map screen (the name of the map screen
will display briefly as your cycle through).
For more information on the map screens, see "How do I view my route?" on page 32.
For information on using the Map menu from the 3D Map and 2D Map screens, see "How do I use the Map
Menu?" on page 40.
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