F1 5 / F2 5 | How do I go fr om A to B?
How do I go from A to B?
Your Navman is equipped with maps that provide street-level detail for door-to-door navigation, including Points of
Interest such as accommodation, parking areas, petrol stations, railway stations and airports.
When you ... Then ...
know the address of your destination use the address-entry wizard to enter the address on page 15.
want to make multiple stops use the Multi-stop Trip Planner screen to enter multiple waypoints on page 19.
need to find a named site, feature, landmark or
public venue
search for a Point of Interest on page 24.
WARNING For your safety, enter destination information before you start a journey. Do not enter a destination while driving.
What if I miss a turn?
Back-On-Trackā„¢ Automatic Rerouting
You will be redirected if you make a wrong turn. A message informing you that your route is being re-calculated will
display at the top of the screen.
To cancel a route re-calculation tap . A warning will display, asking you to confirm the cancellation. If confirmed,
both the re-calculation and your current route will be cancelled.
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