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How do I search for a Point of Interest (POI)?
A POI is a named site, feature, landmark or public venue which can be displayed as an icon on the map. POIs are
grouped by type, such as petrol stations, parks, beaches and museums.
Select a POI using the Destination Search, Keyboard and Preview screens, which used together form a POI-entry
Tip: You can also quickly search for certain POIs based upon your current location via the Main Menu screen.
This section provides a case study to help guide you through finding or setting your POI as a destination.
Quick Steps
1. Open the Destination Search screen
2. Select a country
3. Search for the City/Area
4. Search for a POI
5. Tap .
Case Study: How do I search for a Point of Interest?
This case study will show you how to enter an address and navigate to it.
The address used in this example is:
Note: The below address is fictitious and used as an example only.
Buckingham Palace
United Kingdom
Tip: Before you enter your destination address, ensure that you have set your route preferences. For more information, see “Route
Options” on page 46.
1. Open the Destination Search screen
The Destination Search screen will display.
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