F1 5 / F2 5 | How do I go fr om A to B?
2. Select the country
Note: If you only have the maps of one country installed and selected, that country is selected for your destination by default and cannot
be changed. Go to step 3.
a) From the Destination Search screen, tap .
The Select a map screen will display.
b) Select United Kingdom from the list.
The Destination Search screen will display.
3. Search for the City/Area
a) From the Destination Search screen, tap City/Area.
The Keyboard screen will display.
b) Use the Keyboard screen to search for London as the city or area of your destination, then tap the search
The Select POI Category screen will display.
Tip: The list of categories is divided into Enabled Categories which are set to display an icon on the map screens, and Other POI
Categories which will not display an icon.
4. Search for a POI
a) Either tap Search by name to search in all POI categories, or select a category from the list.
The Keyboard screen will display.
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