F1 5 / F2 5 | How do I save Favourit es and My Hom e?
How do I save Favourites and My Home?
You can save up to 200 destinations as Favourites, one of which can be saved as My Home.
You can save a Favourite from the Preview screen after searching for an address, or from the Map Menu on the 3D
or 2D Map screens. For more information, see "How do I use the Map Menu?" on page 40.
How do I save a Favourite or My Home?
1. Search for an address until the Preview screen is displayed.
2. Tap Save.
The New Favourite screen will display.
3. To change the name of the Favourite, tap .
The Keyboard screen will display.
4. After you have entered a name for the Favourite, tap .
The New Favourite screen will display.
5. Complete one of the following:
If you want to ... Then ...
save as a Favourite tap Save as Favourite.
The Favourite is saved. The Preview screen will display.
save as My Home tap Save as My Home.
The Favourite is saved as My Home. The Preview screen will display.
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