F1 5 / F2 5 | Im por t ant safety inform at ion
Internal battery-specific safety information
The Navman contains a non-replaceable internal lithium-ion polymer battery. The battery may burst or explode if mishandled, releasing
hazardous chemicals. To reduce the risk of fire or burns, do not disassemble, crush or puncture the battery.
Recycle or dispose of the battery safely and properly according to local laws and regulations. Do not dispose of the battery in
fire or water.
Only use the correct in-vehicle charger supplied by Navman to charge the Navman internal battery.
Only use the Navman internal battery with the Navman unit.
The Navman battery will stop charging when the ambient temperature is less than 0ºC (32ºF) or more than 45ºC (113ºF).
Warning Notice to Drivers in California and Minnesota
State law prohibits drivers in California and Minnesota from mounting objects on their windshields while driving. Other Navman mounting
options are recommended and an alternative mounting option is included in this box. Navman does not take any responsibility for any
fines, penalties, or damages that may be incurred as a result of disregarding this notice. See California Vehicle Code Section 26708(a);
Minnesota Statutes 2005, Section 169.71.
Failure to adhere to these warnings and cautions may lead to death, serious injury or property damage. Navman disclaims all
liability for installation or use of the Navman that causes or contributes to death, injury or property damage or that violates any
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