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GPS Status 1/2
Signals are transmitted by Global Positioning System (GPS) satelites orbiting the Earth. The GPS Status screen
provides a visual representation of the information being received.
Latitude and longitude are displayed, along with ground speed and the heading in degrees. The strength of each
satelite is displayed on a bar chart.
The satelites available from your current position are shown as gray, red and green colored bars:
Bar color Description
Gray No signal.
Red A valid signal, but not being used to fix your position.
Green A valid signal being used to fix your position.
Resetting your GPS fix
Occasionally, the GPS fix may need to be reset. This may occur if the receiver has been transported a long distance
since last being used; for example, to a different country, and is still trying to establish the previous position.
Complete the following:
If you want to... Then...
reset the GPS tap Reset GPS.
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