F1 5 / F2 5 | Welcom e
Thank you for purchasing this Navman. This manual has been prepared to guide you through the operation of your
Navman from first set-up through to continuous use. Please read this manual carefully before using your Navman for
the first time. Keep this manual in a safe place and use as your first point of reference.
Important information for using the manual
It is important to understand the terms and typographical conventions used in this manual.
The following formatting in the text identifies special information:
Convention Type of Information
Bold Navman components or items displayed on screen, including buttons, headings, field names and options.
Italics Indicates the name of a screen.
The following icons are used throughout this manual:
Icon Description
Case study
The following terms are used throughout this manual to describe user actions.
Term Description
Tap Press and release an item displayed on the touch screen.
Tap and hold Tap and hold an item displayed on the touch screen for 2-3 seconds.
Select Tap an item in a list or tap a command from a menu.
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