DEPTH 3100 Installation and Operation Manual
Case size 111 mm (4.4") square.
LCD display 82 mm (3.2") wide, 61 mm (2.4")
high; twisted nematic.
LCD digits 38 mm (1.4") high.
Four operator keys, laser etched.
Backlighting for display and keys, amber, four
levels and off.
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F).
Transducer cable length 8 or 9 metres (26.25 or
29.5 ft).
Power Cable length 1 m (3.25 ft).
Power supply 10.5 to 16.5 V DC, 30 mA without
backlighting, 190 mA with full backlighting and
External beeper or light output, switched to
ground, 30 V DC and 250 mA maximum.
Range 0.5 to 130 m (1.5 to 400 ft, 0.3 to 67 fa).
Typical accuracy < 2% (depends on type of depth
transducer, installation and water clarity).
Displays 0.0 to 19.9, 20 up.
Adjustable keel offset ± 2.9 m (± 9.6 ft, ± 1.6 fa).
Too deep and too shallow alarms (run both at
once to provide anchor watch facility).
Appendix A - Specifications
NavBus connection to other NAVMAN
NMEA 0183 outputs: DBT, DPT, PTTKD.
Standards compliance
EMC compliance
USA (FCC): Part 15 Class B.
Europe (CE): EN50081-1, EN50082-1.
New Zealand and Australia (C Tick):
AS-NZS 3548.
Environment: IP66 from front when correctly
Power/data cable wires
Wire Signal
Red Power positive, 12 V DC, 190 mA
Black Power negative, NMEA common
Green External beeper or light out, switched to
ground, 30 V DC and 250 mA max.
Orange NavBus +
Blue NavBus -
White NMEA out
Yellow No connection
Appendix B - Troubleshooting
This troubleshooting guide assumes that you have read
and understood this manual.
It is possible in many cases to solve difficulties without
having to send the unit back to the manufacturer for
repair. Please follow this troubleshooting section
before contacting the nearest NAVMAN dealer.
There are no user serviceable parts. Specialized
methods and testing equipment are required to ensure
that the unit is reassembled correctly and is waterproof.
Repairs to the unit must only be carried out by a service
centre approved by NAVMAN NZ Limited. Users who
service the unit themselves will void the warranty.
More information can be found on our website:
1 Unit will not turn on:
a Fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped.
b Battery voltage is outside the range 10.5 to
16.5 V DC.
c Power/data cable damaged.
2 Depth reading wrong or erratic:
a Unit temporarily unable to detect bottom, for
example water too deep or too shallow, water
not clear, boat reversing and transducer in
turbulent water.
b Depth transducer cable unplugged or
c Depth transducer fouled or damaged. Check
for fouling, damage or too thick a layer of
paint over it.
d Depth transducer installed incorrectly or
transducer does not have a smooth flow of
clear water over it. Review installation.
e Interference from the ultrasound pulse from
another depth sounder.
f Interference from electrical noise. Review
To check the transducer, disconnect it and
connect a known good transducer temporarily.
Hold it over the side of the boat in the water and
check if the unit displays a depth.
3 The word SIMULATE flashes at top, left of
screen, values displayed are unexpected:
a Unit is in simulate mode (see section 2-4).
4 The display fogs:
a Moist air has entered the breathing tube at
the rear of the unit. Air the boat or run unit
with backlight fully on.
b Water has entered the breathing tube.
Return unit for service.
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