DEPTH 3100 Installation and Operation ManualNAVMAN
The DEPTH 3100 measures and displays the depth
of the water. An installed DEPTH 3100 usually has
two parts:
The display unit.
A depth transducer, which is attached to the
hull and wired to the display unit.
The unit is powered from the boat’s power supply.
The DEPTH 3100 is part of the NAVMAN family of
instruments for boats, which includes instruments
for speed, depth, wind and repeaters. These
instruments can be connected together to form an
integrated data system for a boat (see section 4).
For maximum benefit, please read this manual
carefully before installation and use.
How the transducer measures depth
The depth transducer generates an ultrasonic
(sound) pulse, which travels down through the water.
When the pulse meets the bottom, some of the pulse
is reflected back up towards the boat and is received
by the transducer.
The display unit analyses the reflections from each
pulse. It removes unwanted reflections (from bubbles
and other objects) and calculates the depth by
measuring the time between sending the pulse and
receiving its echo.
Cleaning and maintenance
Clean the display unit and any plastic transducers
with a damp cloth or mild detergent. Avoid abrasive
cleaners, petrol or other solvents.
When repainting the hull, cover or remove any visible
transducers. Depth transducers may be coated with
a thin layer of antifouling paint; gently sand off any
previous paint first.
1 Introduction
Alarm symbol
Four keys
Display normally
shows depth
The DEPTH 3100 display unit
Depth units
111 x 111 mm
(4.4" x 4.4")
2 Operation
2-1 Turn on and off
Turn the unit on and off with the auxiliary power switch
on the boat. The unit does not have its own power
switch. When you turn it off, any settings you have
made are retained.
If the word SIMULATE flashes at the top, left of the display,
then the unit is in simulate mode (see section 2-4).
2-2 Basic operation
The keys
The unit has four keys, labelled and .
In this manual:
Press means to push the key for less than one
Hold for two seconds means to hold the key
down for two seconds or more.
Press one key + another key means to push
both keys together.
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