DEPTH 3100 Installation and Operation ManualNAVMAN
5 DEPTH 3100 hardware
The DEPTH 3100 comes in several configurations.
Standalone configuration
DEPTH 3100 unit with protective cover.
Warranty card.
Mounting template.
This Installation and Operation manual.
In addition, the standalone configuration usually
requires a depth transducer (see section 5-3).
Kit configuration
The DEPTH 3100 is available in several kit
configurations with different grades of through hull
transducer, with:
The parts for the standalone configuration,
listed above.
Through hull depth transducer.
Transducer Installation manual.
5-2 Other parts required
One or more 3100 series instruments will be
connected to the boat 12 V power supply via:
An accessory switch to turn the instruments on
and off.
A fuse. Use a 1 A fuse for between one and five
Optional external beepers or lights can be fitted. The
DEPTH 3100 output is switched to ground, 30 V DC
and 250 mA maximum. If the beepers and lights
require more than 250 mA, fit a relay.
For systems of several instruments, wiring and
connectors are required (see section 4 or the NavBus
Installation and Operation manual).
5-3 Transducer
The DEPTH 3100 is usually used with a through hull
depth transducer. However, the unit can take readings
from another instrument, in which case it may not
need a transducer (see section 4).
A through hull transducer generally gives the best
performance and is the best choice for displacement
hulls. It is mounted in a hole drilled through the bottom
of the boat.
A plastic through hull transducer is suitable for
GRP or metal hulls. Plastic through hull
transducers are not suitable for solid wooden
hulls (use NAVMAN’s bronze transducers).
A bronze transducer is suitable for wood or
fibreglass hulls. Never install a bronze
transducer in a metal hull, because it will
cause electrolytic corrosion.
A range of NAVMAN through hull transducers are
available, plus in hull and transom mount
transducers. For more information, refer to the
Transducer Installation manual or consult your
NAVMAN dealer.
5-4 Accessories
These accessories are available from your NAVMAN
4 m (13 ft) depth
transducer extension
5-1 What comes with your DEPTH 3100
NavBus junction box
(See section 4)
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