13FISH 4200 Installation and Operation Manual
return on the fishfinder is seen, it is likely to be the
same fish species.
Adjusting the Shading Bar
The Shading Bar is displayed as a horizontal bar
in the lower half of the screen. Adjust the Shading
Bar so different strength echoes have a different
shade on the screen. Weaker echoes can be
shown as light grey, and the strongest echoes
shown as black.
Increase the black part of the Shading Bar by pressing
if there are too few long (strong) echoes being
displayed in black.
Decrease the black part of the Shading Bar by
pressing if there are too many long (strong) echoes
being displayed.
Manual Gain
When Manual Gain is selected, increasing the gain
setting will result in more detail being shown on the
fishfinder display. Decreasing the gain will reduce detail
being shown. See ‘Changing the Gain Mode’ in section
3-2 for more information on changing Gain settings.
Gain setting
These echoes will be
shown in grey on the
Fish History section.
These strong echoes
will be shown in black
on the Fish History
The weak echoes within
this white section of the
shading bar will not be
shown - they are below
the threshold of where
the shading begins.
3-6 NAVIGATE screen
Select MAIN MENU - NAVIGATE to display the
NAVIGATE screen.
The NAVIGATE screen displays useful information
while travelling at speed. It prominently displays the
water depth, the boat speed, the bottom profile and
any alarms that are enabled.
Increasing Gain by pressing
+ will move the edge of the
light grey bar to the left and
result in weaker echoes
being displayed in the Fish
History section. Pressing -
will move the edge of the
grey bar to the right.
Depth can be displayed in feet (FT), fathoms (FA), or
metres (M). Use the SETUP - UNITS - DEPTH menu
to select the required depth units (see section 4-2).
Speed can be displayed in knots (KN), miles per
hour (MPH), or kilometres per hour (KPH). Use the
SETUP - UNITS - SPEED menu to select the desired
speed units (see section 4-2).
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