16 NAVMAN FISH 4200 Installation and Operation Manual
Alarms can be
enabled to
automatically detect
certain conditions,
such as the water
being too shallow.
Trigger settings can
be defined to suit the
boat and individual
4-1 ALARMS menu
Symbol Alarm Beeper Alarm condition is
Name Cycle met when:
Temp 1/2 sec the temperature equals
Value the alarm trigger value
Temp 1/2 sec the rate of change of
Rate temperature equals the
alarm trigger value
Too 1/5 sec the depth is less than
Shallow the alarm trigger value
Too 1/2 sec the depth is greater
Deep than the alarm trigger
Fish 3 short an echo matches the
Alarm beeps profile of a fish
Low 1/2 sec the battery voltage is
Battery less than the alarm
trigger value
Select MAIN MENU - SETUP to display the SETUP
4 SETUP menu
Use the SETUP menu to customize the FISH 4200
to suit the boat and individual preferences, as follows:
· specify the trigger settings for the alarms (see
section 4-1)
· choose the units for depth, temperature, speed
and fuel (see section 4-2)
· turn the key beep on or off (see section 4-3)
· choose the fish symbol (see section 4-4)
· choose the contrast level (see section 4-5)
· select the Trip Log or the Total Log (see
section 4-6)
· zero Trip Log or zero all logs (see section 4-6)
· sets the fuel options: tank full, set remaining,
clear used (see section 4-7)
· specify number of engines and tank size (see
section 4-8)
· select language, setup the keel offset (see section
· calibrate speed and temperature sensors (see
section 4-8)
· calibrate the fuel level and the fuel flow (see
section 4-8)
Press or to highlight an option, then see the
following sections.
Select MAIN MENU - SETUP - ALARMS to display the
available alarms. Press or to highlight an option.
When an alarm condition is met, then:
· the beeper sounds.
· the ALARMS menu is displayed on the screen
with the activated alarm symbol(s) flashing.
Press any key to acknowledge the alarm, stop the
beeping and remove the ALARMS menu. This does
not disable the alarm. The symbol will continue to
flash until the alarm condition is no longer present. Note: The FISH ALARM gives only three short beeps.
The beeper cycle is different for some alarms. All of
the alarm symbols and beeper cycles are shown:
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