21FISH 4200 Installation and Operation Manual
Calibrating the Temperature
The factory settings should be sufficiently accurate
for normal usage. However, to calibrate the
temperature readout, first measure the water
Then, to calibrate the setting, select TEMPERATURE
then press to display the temperature readout box.
Press or to increase or decrease the value to
match the measured temperature.
(To change the temperature units between °F
(Fahrenheit) or °C (Celsius), use the SETUP - UNITS
menu (see section 4-2).
Calibrating the Speed
Use this to calibrate the boat's speed and log.
Calibration may be required because different hull
shapes have different flow characteristics.
Obtain an accurate measurement of the boat's speed
from a GPS receiver; by following another boat
traveling at a known speed; or by making a timed
run over a known distance.
Note that for accurate calibration:
· the speed from a GPS receiver should be
greater than 5 knots.
· the speed from another paddlewheel transducer
should be between 5 and 20 knots.
· best results are achieved in calm conditions
where there is minimal current (best at high or
low tide).
Use or to highlight the SPEED option, then press
to display the speed readout box. Press or to
increase or decrease the readout to match the
independent speed value.
Use this menu to
calibrate water
temperature boat
speed, fuel
readings and the
fuel flow filter.
display the
calibration menu.
Calibrating the Fuel
Use this to calibrate the fuel usage. Calibrating the
fuel usage can improve the accuracy of fuel
Twin engine installations require each fuel transducer
to be calibrated. This can be done at the same time
with two portable tanks, or at different times using
one portable tank.
Calibrating the fuel transducer requires accurate
measurement of the fuel consumption. This is best
done using a small portable tank. At least 4 gallons
(15 litres) of fuel should be used to ensure an
accurate calibration.
It is often very difficult to fill underfloor tanks to the
same level twice due to air pockets, so the more fuel
used, the more accurate the calibration.
To calibrate a fuel transducer, perform the following
1 Select MAIN MENU - SETUP - FUEL and then
select the CLEAR USED option. Press to select
2 Note the level of the fuel in the tank.
3 Connect the portable tank to the engine through
the fuel transducer.
4 Run the engine at normal cruising speed until at
least 4 gallons (15 litres) of fuel has been used per
5 Check the actual amount of fuel used per engine
by refilling the portable tanks to the original level and
noting the reading from the fuel dispenser’s gauge.
CALIBRATION - FUEL, then press or to change
the reading to match that on the fuel dispenser’s
7 Press when the reading is correct.
(Repeat the procedure for the other engine in a twin
engine installation).
Note: If the fuel calibration options appear to give
erroneous readings after being used for a while, first
check that the fuel sensor has been installed correctly
according to the Installation Instructions supplied with
it, and then refer to the trouble-shooting section in
Appendix B of this manual.
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