29FISH 4200 Installation and Operation Manual
11. A twin engine installation shows only one
flow rate:
a) Check that the number of engines is set to 2.
See section 4-8.
12. Erratic fuel FLOW readings:
a) The fuel flow transducer may have been
mounted too close to the fuel pump, or may be
subject to excessive vibration. Refer to the
Installation Instructions supplied with the fuel
b) Check for air leaks in the fuel line or in the fuel
pickup in the tank.
c) The FLOW FILTER value is not suitable for the
engine. Check that the value is not set to zero,
and then try increasing the value until a steady
FLOW rate is shown. See section 4-9.
13. There is no reading for fuel ECONOMY:
a) The boat must be travelling through the water
to generate an ECONOMY reading.
b) Check that the paddlewheel on the transducer
is spinning freely, and that the two magnets in
the paddlewheel are still in place.
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