7FISH 4200 Installation and Operation Manual
An internal simulator allows users to learn how to
operate the fishfinder off the water.
In Simulation mode the word “SIMULATION” flashes
on the bottom of the screen. The fishfinder generates
data so that all the main screens appear to be
operational. Any changes made to the contrast,
backlighting, alarms or the display setup are saved.
NAVIGATE screen (see section 3-6)
Prominently displays the water depth as a digital
readout. The corresponding bottom trace is also
shown. These two complimentary features are
particularly useful for understanding depth trends
when travelling at speed.
It also displays the boat speed and the enabled
DATA screen (see section 3-7)
The DATA screen displays the water temperature
and water temperature history over the last 40
minutes. It also displays the boat battery voltage, log,
engine-hours counter, boat speed, water depth and
enabled alarms.
FUEL screen (requires optional fuel kit)
(see section 3-8)
The FUEL screen displays the amount of fuel used
and fuel remaining, and the rate of fuel flow. It also
shows the boat speed, water depth and an
ECONOMY reading, which is the distance travelled
per unit of fuel used. The NAVMAN fishfinder
calculates this from the boat speed and fuel used.
The bigger the number, the better the fuel economy.
Adjust the throttle and trim to achieve the best fuel
SETUP menu (see section 4)
Use this option to customise the FISH 4200 to suit
the boat and individual preferences.
RANGE menu (see section 3-9)
Use this option to select either Auto or Manual Range
and to change the selected depth range.
HISTORY screen (see section 3-1)
Displays the echoes received over time, with the most
recent events on the right of the screen. Use this
screen when travelling to show the bottom so reefs,
wrecks and fish can be found.
ZOOM screen (see section 3-2)
This screen is split into two parts. On the right is the
Full Range Section which shows part of the
HISTORY Screen and to the left is the Zoom Section.
Use this screen for taking a closer look at interesting
underwater features.
SONAR screen (see section 3-3)
Displays the strength and depth of the echoes
returned from each ultrasonic pulse. The depth range
is displayed in the lower right corner. This screen is
a powerful aid, ideal for showing the bottom hardness
and the fish species.
This screen can also be used to adjust the display
shading on the HISTORY and ZOOM screens.
3 Operation
2-1 Simulation Mode
To turn the Simulation mode on, power the FISH 4200
off, disconnect the blue transducer plug at the rear
of unit, then turn the power on.
To turn the Simulation mode off, power the fishfinder
off, reconnect the blue transducer plug at the rear of
the unit, then power the fishfinder on.
MAIN MENU screen
The FISH 4200 is menu driven. Press to
display the MAIN MENU screen.
Press or to highlight
an option, then press
to select it.
The MAIN MENU options
are summarized below
and fully explained in the
following sections.
Enabled Alarms
(displayed on all screens)
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