Press MENU once or more until the Setup
menu is displayed, then select Calibrate:
The fuel options
can be calibrated
only when the
optional single
or twin engine
kit is installed on
Calibration may be required because different
hull shapes have different flow characteristics.
Obtain an accurate measurement of the boat’s
speed from a GPS receiver; or by following
another boat travelling at a known speed; or
by making a timed run over a known distance.
Use this feature when the FISH 4432/4433
is connected to other Navman instruments
through NavBus or any compatible NMEA
Press MENU once or more until the Setup
menu is displayed, then select Comms:
NMEA is generally used with third party
instruments. Select to transmit NMEA
sentences (see Appendix A - Specifications).
Note: for accurate calibration:
The speed from a GPS receiver should be
greater than 5 knots.
The speed from another paddlewheel
transducer should be between 5 and 20
Best results are achieved in calm conditions
where there is minimal current (best at high
or low tide).
Use the cursor keys to display the speed readout
box, then increase or decrease the readout to
match the independent speed value.
Speed Filter*
Increase this setting to stabilise an erratic
speed reading. Decrease to improve reading
responsiveness. The speed filter can be set
from 0 to 30 seconds.
* only available on 4433
3-7 Setup > Comms (4433 only)
NMEA data
Use this to specify which NMEA sentences will
be transmitted (see Appendix A - Specifications
and section 5-7 Data display, for information
about how to display NMEA data).
NavBus is the preferred method for connecting
the FISH 4433 to other Navman instruments.
Select if the instruments are connected using
NavBus Group
Use this when a group of Navman instruments
are connected together using NavBus, to
specify a group of instruments for backlighting,
if required. Then, if the backlight setting on one
instrument in the group is adjusted, the other
instruments change automatically. Otherwise,
select 0.
3-8 Setup > Calibrate
Fuel Temperature
Select from: Select either:
Litres °F (Fahrenheit)
• USGal (US gallons) • °C (Celsius)
• ImpGal (Imperial Gallons)
FISH 4432/4433 Installation and Operation Manual15 NAVMAN
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