4-5 Range
Range is the vertical depth displayed on the
FISH 4432/4433.
The Navman fishfinder has two range modes,
Auto Range and Manual Range:
In Auto Range, the fishfinder adjusts
the depth range automatically so the
bottom is always shown in the lower part
of the display. The use of Auto Range is
recommended for normal conditions.
In Manual Range, the fishfinder shows only
a selected depth range. In areas of rapidly
changing bottom depth, such as the sea
floor around pinnacles, it can be useful
to prevent the display from rescaling to
always show the bottom. If the bottom is
deeper than the specified depth range, it
will not be shown on the display.
Changing the Range Mode
Press the + or - key to change to Manual Range
mode and to increase or decrease the range to
the desired depth. Values can be set between
10 ft. (3 m) to 1000 ft. (300 m).
To change from the current mode:
1. From any Sonar display, press MENU to
display the Options menu.
2. Highlight Range, then use the cursor keys
to select Auto or Manual.
3. Press ENT to confirm.
Tip: To quickly enlarge from manual to auto-
range hold down + or - key for 1.5 seconds.
Zoom Range and Zoom Offset
On the Sonar Zoom and Sonar Bottom displays,
a vertical bar is shown on the far right of the
display. This is the zoom bar. The zoom bar
shows the zoom range; that is, the area that
is magnified.
Use the or cursor keys to adjust the
zoom range.
Use the or cursor keys to adjust the
zoom offset.
FISH 4432/4433 Installation and Operation Manual23 NAVMAN
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