Note: Refer to Section 3-2 Setup > Sonar, for information about
customizing features on the sonar displays.
Sonar display at a single or mixed frequency (section 5-1)
Sonar split display with 83 and 200 frequencies (section 5-4)
Sonar flat bottom trace in zoomed section (section 5-3)
Show perspective view of sonar (section 5-6)
Sonar split display with zoomed section (section 5-2)
5 The Displays
Press DISP to show the Display menu. Use or
to select display tab, then select a particular
display using the or cursor keys.
The Display menu is summarized here and each
display is shown in the following sections.
Most displays have an Options menu so that
relevant features can be changed quickly.
5-1 Sonar display
To show the Sonar display, press
DISP and select Sonar Tab,
select Sonar and press ENT.
This display scrolls from right
(most recent echoes) to left
(oldest echoes) at the selected
frequency (see section 3-2 Setup
> Sonar).
To change items, press MENU until the
Options menu is shown.
Gain is explained in
section 4-4 Gain.
Range is explained
in section 4-5 Range.
A-scope is
explained in section
5-5 Sonar A-Scope
Data header
The data header can
be selected on or off.
When selected, it
is a customizable
feature that can be
used to display up
to 9 data items, such
as alarms or water
Data header, set up to show the
boat speed, sonar status etc.
Depth (medium size digits)
Fish symbols with depth
The Display menu
Fuel data (section 5-7)
Water temperature and depth history and boat data (section 5-8)
Product and wiring information (section 5-9)
Show zoomed section of sonar
Sonar split display with echo strength (section 5-5)
FISH 4432/4433 Installation and Operation Manual 24
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