To customize the size of the Data header,
highlight Size and press ENT. There is a
choice of Small and Large.
To customize the data items to be displayed:
1. Highlight Data setup and press ENT.
The Data header increases in size to display
all data fields. Some data fields may be
2. Use the cursor keys to move from data field
to data field.
3. Press ENT at any data field to show the list of
data items that can be displayed there.
5-2 Sonar Zoom display
4. Highlight the required data item and press
ENT. The data item is immediately displayed
in that data field.
5. Press ESC when finished and the Data
header resizes automatically.
Sonar History
To review an old sonar echo, use < and > to
move back and forward through the sonar
history. The time since the echoes shown on
the screen were recorded is displayed at the
bottom of the screen. Press ESC to return to the
most recent echo.
Gain is explained in section 4-4 Gain.
Range is explained in section 4-5 Range.
A-Scope is explained in section 5-5 Sonar
A-Scope display.
Bottom lock
If Bottom lock is selected, the zoom section
moves so the bottom is always displayed in the
zoom section, regardless of changes in depth.
If Bottom lock is not selected, the bottom
will not be displayed in the zoom section when
it is outside the range covered by the zoom bar.
Using the Bottom Lock and the A-Scope
features together can be a powerful aid in
recognising the type of bottom.
Split Ratio
Use this to change the split ratio between the
zoom and the sonar history sections displayed.
The default split ratio is 50%.
1. Highlight Split Ratio and press ENT.
A left arrow and right arrow appear on
either side of the divider line.
2. Use the or cursor keys to adjust the
position of the divider line, then press
ENT. The adjustable range of the split ratio
is from 20% to 80%. For 100% zoom, use
‘full-screen zoom’ display.
Data header
Data header is explained in section 5-1
Sonar display.
To show the Sonar Zoom display, press DISP
and select Sonar Tab, select Sonar Zoom
and press ENT.
The split display shows the sonar history on the
right side and the zoom section on the left.
The zoom bar on the far right shows the area
that is magnified in the zoom section. See
section 4-5 Range, for information about
adjusting the Zoom Range and Zoom Offset.
To change items, press MENU until the
Options menu is shown.
Zoom bar
Sonar history
Zoom section
Divider line
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