To show the Fuel display, press DISP and select
Other Tab, select Fuel and press ENT.
There are no options.
(See section 3-3 Setup > Fuel for information
about setting up the fuel values. If the number
of engines is set to 0, the fuel features are
turned off.)
Used shows total fuel used since this was last
reset with the Clear Used command.
Remaining shows the amount of fuel
remaining in the tank(s).
Flow shows the fuel consumption per hour.
For twin engine installations, the fuel flow for
each engine is shown separately. This is useful
for checking that both engines are under the
same load.
5-7 Fuel display (4433 only)
Fish recognition
The echo strengths shown on the A-scope
can be useful in recognising the type of fish.
Different species of fish have different sizes
and shapes of swim bladders. The air in the
swim bladder reflects the ultrasonic pulse, so
the strength of the echo varies between fish
species according to the size and shape of the
swim bladder.
When fishing among a school of fish and
catching them, note the fish species and the
strength of the echo that it returns on the
A-scope. Then, when that particular echo is
seen at future times on the fishfinder, it is likely
to be the same fish species.
5-6 A-Scope perspective view
The strength of echoes on this view are
determined by the’height’ of the echo shown
on the screen.
FISH 4432/4433 Installation and Operation Manual27 NAVMAN
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