5-9 About display
To show the About display, press DISP, select
Other Tab, select About and press ENT.
There are no options.
This shows the fishfinder model number, the
software and hardware versions and wiring
Note the software version before contacting
your Navman dealer for technical advice.
For more information on wiring, see section 6-5
Wiring options.
For more information on NMEA and NavBus,
see section 6-6 Systems of several instruments.
5-8 Data display
To show the Data display, press DISP and select
Other Tab, select Data and press ENT.
This shows a graph of the water temperature
and depth over the last 20 minutes and
selected data items.
The graph is useful for locating warm and cold
spots in the water.
To change data items:
1. Press MENU until the Options menu is
2. Highlight Data setup and press ENT.
3. Use the cursor keys to move from data field
to data field.
4. Press ENT at any data field to show the list
of data items that can be displayed there.
5. Highlight the required data item and
press ENT. The data item is immediately
6. Press ESC when finished.
Time base of graph can be changed by pressing
Menu, selecting Time Base with cursor key,
pressing ENT, and selecting the required time
base from list - 5min, 10min, 20min, 1hr, 2hr.
Economy is the distance travelled per unit of
fuel used. The Fishfinder calculates this using
the fuel used and boat speed (water speed or
GPS speed - which ever is selected as the speed
source – see section 3-3 Setup > Fuel).
The bigger this number, the better the fuel
economy. Adjust the throttle and trim to
achieve the best fuel economy.
Note: when water speed is selected as the
speed source, calibration of the boat speed
measurement is essential for an accurate fuel
economy reading – see section 3-8 Setup >
FISH 4432/4433 Installation and Operation Manual 28
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