Correct installation is critical to the
performance of the FISH 4432/4433. There are
two components to install, the display unit and
6 Installation and Maintenance
the transducer. It is vital to read the entire
installation section of this manual before
attempting to install the components.
1 Amp fuses must be positioned where
shown in the wiring diagrams.
The power/data cable contains 5 wires:
Wire Function
Black Ground (power negative)
White* NMEA out
Red Positive power in, 12 V DC
Yellow Auto power in (connect to red
wire. Positive power in, to enable
Auto power).
Green* External beeper or light out,
switched to ground, 30 V DC 200
mA maximum.
Note: The cable shield is connected to Pin 1 (black
wire) and does not need to be grounded.
* Denotes FISH 4433 only.
Six wiring options are described in this section:
Basic wiring. This does not start the fishfinder
automatically when the boat ignition is switched on
and it disables the engine hours counter.
Auto power wiring. This must be used for the
engine hours and fuel computer options.
Secondary Alarm wiring
NMEA wiring
Single engine fuel wiring
Twin engine fuel wiring
Note: If a wire colour is not specifically
mentioned, it is not used in that wiring option.
Section 6-5 Systems of several instruments,
describes NMEA and NavBus.
Wiring Options
Fuse Red
12 V DC
Basic wiring
This requires the FISH 4432 and FISH 4433 to be
powered on manually with the key.
Black wire: Connect this to the negative
battery terminal.
Red wire: Connect this to the positive battery
terminal after the main switch. Fit a 1 Amp fuse
as shown.
Yellow wire: Connect this to the black wire.
This disables the engine hours counter.
Basic wiring
Power on the fishfinder manually whenever the
main switch is on.
White Wire: Use this, if desired, to connect the fishfinder to other NMEA instruments such as
Navman’s REPEAT 3100. (See section 6-5 Systems of several instruments.)
NMEA wiring Option (FISH 4433 only)
FISH 4432/4433 Installation and Operation Manual29 NAVMAN
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