6-5 Cleaning and maintenance
To avoid damage, clean the screen only with
a damp cloth and mild detergent when dirty
or covered in sea salt. Avoid abrasive cleaners,
petrol or other solvents.
Cover or remove a transom-mounted
transducer when repainting the hull. If painting
over a through hull transducer with antifouling
paint, use only one coat of paint. Remove the
previous coat of antifouling paint by sanding
it lightly.
To optimize performance, avoid walking on
or jamming cables and connectors. Keep the
transducer free of weed, paint and debris. Do
not use a high pressure water blast on a speed
sensor paddlewheel as it may damage the
When not in use, the FISH 4432/4433 can be
removed from the installation bracket and
stored in the Navman carry bag, or left on the
installation bracket and securely covered with
the sun cover supplied.
Repeater for depth, speed, water temperature and battery
voltage. Accepts NavBus or NMEA data inputs from other
DEPTH 2100
Depth Repeater
TRACKER 5430/5380
Color GPS Chartplotter with
worldwide coverage
FISH 4432/4433 Installation and Operation Manual33 NAVMAN
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