Specifications FISH 4432 FISH 4433
Display type:
16 Greyscales
Screen Resolution 360 high x 240 wide(pixels)
White LED backlighting
Display size: 4.3” (110mm) diagonal
Supply voltage: 10 to 16V DC
Supply current at 13.8 V: 170 mA min - no backlighting
250 mA max - full backlighting
Operating temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Environment: IPx6 and IPx7
Standards Compliance EMC:
USA FCC Part 15 Class B
Europe (CE) EN60945 (EMC only)
New Zealand and Australia (C-Tick) CISPR 22
Depth: 2 ft (0.6 m) to 750ft with supplied transducer.
Depth capabilities of transducer used and installation and water clarity.
Output power: Variable, up to 250W RMS
Dual Transducer frequency: 200 kHz / 83 kHz
Receiver sensitivity: Better than 10 micro volts RMS
Dynamic range 4.0 million to 1 (120 dB)
Typical depth acquisition time
from startup: 2 seconds at 100 ft (30 m)
Transom transducer cable
length: 33 ft (10 m) 26 ft (8 m)
Temperature measurement
range: 32° to 99.9°F (0° to 37.7°C) Resolution of 0.1° unit
Speed range: 1 to 50 kn (57.5 mph, 96.6 kph)
Communications: NMEA 0183 (Ver 2.0) 4800 baud
NMEA Output:
NMEA (0183) is a standard for
interfacing marine electronic
devices. The Navman
fishfinder can output the
following sentences
DBT (Depth Below Transducer)
DPT (Depth and Keel offset)
VHW (Speed)
VLW (Distance traveled – Total & Trip)
MTW (Sea Water temperature)
XDR (Battery voltage and fuel flow)
Fuel Computer:*
(optional fuel transducer(s)
*4433 only
Outboard carbureted two stroke and EFI petrol/gasoline
engines: 30 to 300 hp
Outboard four stroke petrol/gasoline engines: 90 to 300 hp
Inboard petrol/gasoline engines: 50 to 300 hp
Minimum flow rate: 1.3 U.S. gallons per hour (5 litres per hour)
Maximum flow rate: 34 U.S. gallons per hour (130 litres per hour)
SmartCraft Support: No Yes, single engine
Appendix A - Specifications
FISH 4432/4433 Installation and Operation Manual 34
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