Power On / Auto Power
Press to turn the fishfinder on.
If the fishfinder is wired for auto power, it turns
on automatically whenever the boat’s ignition
is turned on. This ensures that the engine
hours counter and optional fuel functions are
activated. A title display appears briefly. This is
followed automatically by the Installation menu
the first time the fishfinder is switched on. Use
this menu to specify the language (see section 3-1
Setup > System) and units (see section 3-6 Setup
> Units).
At all other times, the title display is followed
by the display that was used most recently.
If the transducer is not connected, the
message: Enter simulate mode? will
appear. Press or to switch between
Yes, No or Never. (If the transducer was
not intentionally disconnected, turn off
the fishfinder and refer to the section on
Troubleshooting in Appendix B.)
Press ENT to confirm the selection and the
startup sequence will continue.
Key Operation
The fishfinder is operated through menus.
To select a menu item:
1. Press DISP or MENU
2. Press or to move the highlight to
the item.
3. Press ENT to select the item.
To change a number, word or setting:
1. Use the cursor keys, , , , to highlight
the number, word or setting and to make the
2. Press ENT to confirm; ESC to cancel.
Power Off
To turn the fishfinder off, hold . A countdown
box appears. Continue to hold for 3 seconds
until the fishfinder turns off.
Note: If the unit is wired for Auto Power
(section 6-5 Wiring options) the fishfinder can
be turned off only when the boat’s ignition is
turned off.
Backlight Adjustment
To change the backlight level:
1. Press briefly to show the display
2. The display and keys are backlit, with a
choice of 16 brightness levels.
to dim or to brighten.
3. To change contrast:
i Press
ii Press <, > to adjust
4. Press ENT to save settings.
5. Press ESC to exit.
Press twice to return to the maximum
backlight setting and default contrast.
Menu Note:
Some menu items in the
FISH 4432/4433 menu’s
utilize checkboxes.
If the box is selected or
checked’ (contains a check
or tick), then that function is
enabled or ON.
If the box is de-selected
or ‘un-checked’ (does not
contain a check or tick), then
that function is disabled
or OFF.
To select or de-select
a checkbox, highlight the
menu item and press ENT.
FISH 4432/4433 Installation and Operation Manual 8
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