Press MENU once or more until the Setup
menu is displayed, then select System:
Select the language for the displays. The
options are: English, Italian, French, German,
Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Finnish
Greek and Croatian.
Tip: In case you can’t read the current language,
the language setting is found at the top of the
system menu.
Select this option to adjust backlighting and
contrast controls.
Key beep
Enables or disables the beep when a key
is pressed.
3-1 Setup > System
3-2 Setup > Sonar
Press MENU once or more until the Setup
menu is displayed, then select Sonar:
Auto power off
Select to have the fishfinder power off
automatically every time the boat’s ignition
is switched off. This applies only if the display
unit is wired for Auto Power. See section 6-5
Wiring Options.
Snooze Mode
This power saving option slows the sounding
rate (time between each ultrasonic pulse) to
a user specified interval from 5 minutes to
2 hours. The fishfinder appears to turn off,
however all alarms operate normally. To return
to normal operation, press Power button.
Ideal to be used as an anchor alarm.
Factory reset
This option returns all of the fishfinder settings
(except the language) to the default factory
settings shown in section 3 Setting up the FISH
A warning box asks: Are you sure? Select
Yes and press ENT to confirm.
Sonar (FISH 4433)
Select to enable sonar functions. Deselect if the
unit is to be used as a SmartCraft only display.
SmartCraft (FISH 4433)
Select to enable SmartCraft functions.
SmartCraft is only available with certain
Mercury engines, and requires an optional
SmartCraft Gateway.
There is a choice of Narrow (200kHz),
Wide(83kHz), Mixed and Auto. For more info
about selecting a suitable frequency for water
conditions, see section 4-2 Single and Dual
Frequency Fishfinding.
FISH 4432/4433 Installation and Operation Manual11 NAVMAN
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