10 TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
2-6 Simulate mode
Simulate mode allows a user to become familiar
with the TRACKER off the water. In Simulate
mode, the data from the GPS receiver and
other sensors is ignored and the TRACKER
generates this data internally to simulate the
movement of the boat. Otherwise, the TRACKER
functions normally.
To see if the TRACKER is in Simulate mode, press
DISP and select Satellite. If it is in Simulate
mode, then it shows Simulate at the top left of
the display.
To start and stop Simulate mode, (see section 13-1).
Warning: Never have Simulate mode on
when the TRACKER is navigating on the water.
2-5 Alarms
When the TRACKER detects an alarm condition,
it displays a warning message on the display, the
internal beeper sounds and any external beepers
or lights operate.
Press ESC to clear the alarm. The alarm will sound
again if the alarm condition occurs again.
The TRACKER has user settable alarms plus an
alarm for loss of GPS fix (see section 13-7)
The MOB feature saves the boat’s position and
then navigates back to this point. To do this:
1 Press
The TRACKER beeps four times and stores the
boat’s position as a waypoint called MOB.
2 The TRACKER changes to the chart display,
with the MOB waypoint at the centre of
the chart.
The chart zooms in for accurate navigation.
If the chart can not show the required small
scale, the TRACKER changes to plotter mode
(a white display with crosshatching, and no
chart details, see section 13-2).
3 If the autopilot output is off (see section 13-8)
the TRACKER immediately starts navigating
back to the MOB waypoint.
If the autopilot output is on, the TRACKER
asks if the autopilot is active. Select:
2-4 Man overboard (MOB)
No: The TRACKER immediately starts navigating
back to the MOB waypoint.
Yes: The TRACKER asks if the boat is to go to the
MOB waypoint. Select:
Yes: to immediately start navigating to the
MOB waypoint.
Warning: This might result in a sudden
and dangerous turn.
No: to allow time to disengage the autopilot;
then use Goto to navigate back to the MOB
waypoint (see section 3-3) .
To cancel MOB or set another MOB.
1 Press
again to display a menu.
2 Select an option from the menu.
Tip: The MOB waypoint remains on the chart
after the MOB has been cancelled. To delete the
MOB waypoint, (see section 9-2-5).
2-3 Backlight and display contrast
1 Press briefly to show the display controls.
2 The display and keys are backlit, with sixteen
brightness levels.
To change the backlight, press (dimmer)
or (brighter)
3 To change the display contrast:
i Press to choose Contrast.
ii Press or to adjust the contrast.
4 Press ENT to accept the new values.
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